Global Issues


Article One: Computer Crimes


Article Two: Teens Say Its Time To Stop The Hate


Article Three: Bullying as True Drama


These articles have shown me that some people, usually teenagers, don’t know that what they are doing on the internet could be classified as bullying. These teens don’t realize that it is in fact bullying because they aren’t saying or doing anything to the person outside of the internet. The most common response from teenagers about bullying is “It’s just teasing, right?”  Some people have even said that bullying doesn’t happen anymore “Teenagers repeatedly told us that bullying was something that happened only in elementary or middle school.”  One of these articles mentioned “Although cyberbullying is an online issue, it has become a real-world problem in schools from kindergarten all the way through higher education. Cyberbullying affects nearly one in four children.”  Bullying happens everywhere, whether it is cyber-bullying or not. Bottom line is that we need to be more conscious of how we behave towards others online and offline.


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