GTJYW- Interview video


My partner and i created a video of her interviewing me for a position of a librarian. We had to answer interview questions and simulate how it would feel when having an actual interview.

I think I did fairly well during my interview. I knew what abilities were needed to apply for the position of a librarian. I think I explained myself most of the time however, I didn’t ask Jacquelyn any questions. I tried my best to be calm and not be nervous. I was quite attentive to Jacquelyn and used my manners. If I could do the interview over again,  I would have prepared my answers. This way I would have been less nervous and more confident in my answers.


Global Issues


Article One: Computer Crimes


Article Two: Teens Say Its Time To Stop The Hate


Article Three: Bullying as True Drama


These articles have shown me that some people, usually teenagers, don’t know that what they are doing on the internet could be classified as bullying. These teens don’t realize that it is in fact bullying because they aren’t saying or doing anything to the person outside of the internet. The most common response from teenagers about bullying is “It’s just teasing, right?”  Some people have even said that bullying doesn’t happen anymore “Teenagers repeatedly told us that bullying was something that happened only in elementary or middle school.”  One of these articles mentioned “Although cyberbullying is an online issue, it has become a real-world problem in schools from kindergarten all the way through higher education. Cyberbullying affects nearly one in four children.”  Bullying happens everywhere, whether it is cyber-bullying or not. Bottom line is that we need to be more conscious of how we behave towards others online and offline.

Typing Skills, Are They Really That Important?

Article 1: The importance of typing skills

speed typing test wordle PNG

Article 2: How much does typing speed matter?

how much does typing speed matter

Article 3: The importance of typing skills in everyday life

other typing article


Do I think typing kills are important?

Yes, i think that typing skills are very important. Having typing skills teaches you that by placing your fingers properly on the keyboard and using all fingers, opposed to just two, are much faster and accurate then pressing a key one at a time after searching for your desired key. Computers have become a bigger part of our lives and typing is the main process of using a computer; so of course having proper typing etiquette will make using your computer easier. Having proper typing skills will make typing assignments faster so you can get things done faster and easier.